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Cold store equipment out of the predicament step network share purchase age(Hits:) 
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    In recent years, China 's beverage market has undergone enormous changes , popsicles , ice cream are long gone , as consumers shift in consumer attitudes and exotic products continue to enter the cold , cold growing product categories , cold drinks market entry a diversified development pattern. Cold store development has gradually become a production, sales and service as one of the all-round development model, Chinese beverage market gradually moved toward industrialization and refinement , cold drinks market investors also ushered in a new development opportunity .
    In cold stores and numerous contacts and exchanges operators , we learned that the entire industry chain ice cream shops , cold stores equipment purchase has been a large cold store operators a major problem. Chinese beverage Industry Association vice president Lin told reporters , said: "At present, China 's largest beverage industry development bottleneck is in cold drink equipment selection and purchase , due to the professionalism of cold drink equipment , coupled with constantly updated equipment , general stores and stores generally do not have such a product, even if there are some markets , but also the style and function of the old equipment is relatively backward , simply can not meet the current needs of the market , therefore , cold stores to buy a lot of cold drink equipment industry operators has not been solved a issues , especially the past few years , particularly fast cold drink equipment replacement , a variety of environmental , health -based , more complete cold drink equipment into the market, and many of the cold store operator because there is no good way to buy , only to pay more financial and human resources to the idea of ??trying to buy, therefore , potentially increasing the additional operating costs , so cold drink cold drink equipment purchases is that we urgently need to address the problem of the industry . "
    Cold store equipment really so difficult to buy it ? Reporters interviewed several cold store owner , in many cold stores, in order to join in the form of cold store basically begins when they are not encountered such a problem, because , most of the equipment to join the headquarters will be equipped with the basic do not worry about equipment purchases on the problem , but they want to expand the business scope and variety , I will own to buy new equipment ; while those who are not joining the cold stores, operators who do think that purchase their own equipment operates a major problem. Seen in this light , the purchase of cold drink equipment operators cold indeed restrict the development of a dilemma , and with summer coming soon , this year's beverage market will encounter this problem?
浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司
浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司

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