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Ice Cream machinery and equipment to the good development prospects promote prod(Hits:) 
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    2012 Frozen drinks industry-wide production of about 3.5 million tons , production enterprises above designated size reached more than 250 million tons, while the soft ice cream production reached more than 30 million tons. January-April 2013 the national total output of frozen food industry products reached 835,600 tons , an increase of 13.64% . With the emergence of a variety of mechanical ice cream will drive product upgrades.
     From scratch, from mature to develop , to further upgrade our ice cream industry continues to incorporate new elements of blood and - high-end , fashion, culture, and ice cream industry is walking in the rapid development track. 2012 sales and profits experienced a "double- up " period, the 2013 ice cream frozen food industry in the rapid development of China's overall economic context , through the adjustment of product structure , the pace of development even more robust.
     Last year, ice cream industry situation is very good , very good regardless of sales or profits . This year is affected by weather , economic conditions and many other factors , the overall situation is not optimistic. But the challenge also means opportunity, as the country 's attention for food safety , people's living standards improve, more people want to eat healthy and nutritious foods. Ice cream industry, processing technology, processing level have made great progress in recent years , has reached a good level , in such a situation, the industries and enterprises to face the reality of implementing the " Food Safety Law " to strengthen the quality of internal control , focus on product innovation , product quality assurance , to make more people love the product subject to the industry bigger , well, stronger .
     Despite many external factors , but the ice cream frozen food industry as a whole is still rising , growth prospects remain positive . To meet the development needs of ice cream and frozen food industry, expanding domestic demand , China's future development of ice cream equipment will continue to grow steadily , while the market supply will be richer for the people to provide more and better product selection.
     Ice cream machine is a can milk powder, ice , fruit, stir and then became a delicious summer dessert imperial machine , you can make ice cream with the milk mixture . Fruit ice cream machine was born in 2010 in the United States , just a year and a half he has become the dessert lovers ' craving weapon ", and a number of media award for outstanding innovative products. In February 2012 the Berlin International Fruit and Vegetable Expo, it was named " Year 10 breakthrough innovation ," one ; same year, Cleveland, Ohio , after researchers in experimental studies, fruit ice cream machine stand out from the thousands of products , was " highly innovative product " award. Today , ice cream machines are becoming a healthy lifestyle essential goods.
     Some experts pointed out that China is about to enter the ice cream cold food industry industrial upgrading , advantages and brand development of the fast lane , upstream raw material needs must also improve grades . Improve product quality and grades , and continuously exceeded the market demand for customer satisfaction enterprises can continue to develop , the industry can continue to progress .
     In addition to product upgrades in taste , the product shape is a major highlight of the upgrade . Lean Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Anhui Suzhou newly developed high-speed molding machine out of the ice cream , you can create a wide variety of solid ice , and 18 cable equipment to produce 22,000 ice cream per hour .
     In order to enrich dimensional ice cream category, Lean Machine has developed sugar-coated haws , snowman , pineapple -shaped mold , you can make cold drinks companies not to buy flowers line the mold under the premise of producing a variety of color products. We can see the development of ice cream machinery due to generation, along with ice cream constantly upgrading . I believe ice cream machinery enterprises in order to meet the market demand, technological innovation will continue to produce more for the market of machinery and equipment.
浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司
浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司 浙江永康天歌电器有限公司

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